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Aaron Elvis, Pailo, & Magnum Dancer
AJ mugs
Amanda's Giant Bag
Backstage at Wicked 12-07-05
DJ Brenda Black & Aaron Elvis
Gay Pride Parade 2008
Halloween 2007
Halloween 2007 (back)
Halloween 2008
Hi, Sara
Hot Chicks 3-29-06
Maddy asleep on Mrs. Von Udders
Maddy sunning herself '07
Maddy X-Mas 2006
Madeline Ashton 3-22-06
Magnum Party Aaron Elvis
Magnum Party DJ Nita Aviance & Aaron Elvis
Miss Haley 1-19-06
My parents' house in CT
Pride '04 Church of Queens
Pride '04 Group
Pride '04 The HX Float
Pride Parade '04 Brazilian
Rocky loves Shep