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so apparently today on MTV's TRL, they rolled in a clip of Madonna being interviewed backstage at the Grammys -- and she was talking about the tour. Unfortunately i didn't see the actual clip myself, but I was told she discussed wanting to play giant venues, mid-size venues AND smaller venues ("like Roseland") -- I wish i'd have seen the report myself because I'd like to know if she said that IS what's she doing, or rather, what she'd LIKE to be doing... makes a big difference.

Anyone heard anything else about this? The Rolling Stones did something similar a few years back, I wonder how it all worked out? Same setlist, different venue? or are the shows totally different?? I can't wait.

LOL i'm sorry -- i did NOT mean to be your Debby Downer! I've just seen those dates/locations repeated elsewhere as "fact"...when it's clear they can't all be right... Regardless of her tour dates -- I really hope they aren't outdoor stadium venues -- that's gonna suck! Unless the weather is perfect and the tickets are incredibly cheap (and you know that ain't gonna happen...) It'd be so cool to see her in smaller more intimate venues -- especially if she does something very theatrical... but who knows what they've got in store for us?

EDITOR'S COMMENT: It's all good, Shirley. I like a good "UMM..excuse me...BUT..." every once in a while -- keeps me on my toes. XXOO

That Debbie Downer comment was laugh out loud funny!!!

while it's no secret Madonna is prepping a tour for this summer, I believe the dates you posted recently are inaccurate... for a few reasons:

1. Several dates/locations conflict with Baseball games already scheduled for those venues. (Not just direct conflict, but also games scheduled so close to those dates, there wouldn't be time to move in & out stage, equipment, etc.

2. On her last tour, she went out of her way to NOT schedule a single Friday night concert, presumably due to her Kabbalah beliefs. She attends Friday night services & will not perform on the Jewish sabbath. Clearly, she's not any LESS into Kabbalah as just 2 years ago -- so why all the Friday night dates?

3. Her last U.S. stadium tour -- Who's That Girl World Tour back in 1987 was DISASTROUS -- with rain ruining or cancelling almost every U.S. city on that tour. Why would she risk that again?

YES she's going tour. NO these dates & venues are very likely not accurate.

sorry but i believe you are mistaken.

EDITOR'S COMMENT: Thanks, Shirley, for your comments! Have you ever seen Debby Downer on SNL?

that was the best Omen reference by far!

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