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Hmmm, no, I think it has everything to do with living in NYC -- NYC is hard ... NYC made me feel that way for a very long time. LA is easier, and more simple, and your money goes much much farther!

And now I have my own dog, rather than projecting on other's (Parker) -- and I'm much happier with that alone!

I highly recommed it to all people in a relationship!



I thought you were going to break into a Madeline Kahn number from "Blazing Saddles", I could hear your best Slavic accent..."I'm sooo Ti-wed, tiwed of being ad-mi-wed..."

It's refreshing to hear such isn't perfect or everything we want all the time. I sent you the link to my French Bulldog group, and invite you to our next meetup so you can check out the breed your interested in, and talk to owners about where they got their dogs and any other questions you may have.
That might help with your dog issue. Hope to see you soon!

all this and you live in nyc.???..its interesting for me to read that...i am living under the philosophy (fantasy) right now that if i move to nyc all will be better...and i know its wrong to think that, but i want to be there so bad.... people tell me to be weary of that romantic view of it...but thanks for grounding me a little bit with your makes it different for me, as does your capers....and your site...nate

Honey, I feel your pain. Just focus on the positive and hopefully that will get you through. Life is a real blessing and be grateful that you have been honored with everyone around you that loves you and calls you a friend.

Thanks, Mike.

We're not tired of you though! It may be a little more anonymous than you'd like right now, but I'm sure I can't be the only one who enjoys checking out your blog and gets a kick out of your adventures. Here's hoping the writing helps you find what you're looking for.

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