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Hey I'm sure these postings were from awhile back but i jus wanted to say that Cuda Flava isn't all black girls. We are pretty diverse to be honest. We have a wide range of ethnic backgrounds within the group.Fierce?!,yes, but not all black.AND...we are not " a booty shaking team" yes we do booty...a lot(lol), but thats not ALL we do. We have a range of styles and because we do have such a wide variety of personalities and backgrounds, it shows through out our dances.

Cuda Flava has flava. Their dances are hot.

it's kinda odd how i googled cuda flava and i see my team in this site. yeh if u wanna know wat happened exactly, ally didn't make the team because she was too lanky. she didn't stick her moves. because we are a booty shaking team, they needed to get low, but ally didn't. i told her at the sidelines for her to get lower, but she didn't listen to me. if she had more determination, say she started getting into shape before mtv came to our school, she probably wouldve made the team.

the team is actually cuda flava, but we all know what you mean ..
if you saw these girls perform you would appreciate ally's determination incredibly !
that's soo cute how you cried <3 she tried sooo hard


I live in the bay area in California and somehow someone sent me the funny piece on Diana Ross (My FAVORITE mood picker-upper!!!)

Just want you to know that I love your website and I give you kudos on being emotional about Ally. You know what??? You ARE an honorary FIERCE Black girl.

From your new Black west coast fan:


Now I'M going to cry....

I routinely cry at Made.

Shut up.

I've wanted to be a fierce little black girl since "sashay shontay".

And OMG, your post almost made ME cry. It's like in Pretty Woman (by way of Romy and Michelle). "I just really like it when they let her shop."

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