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What the hell is all this about i dont get 1 thing i am a paholski too so som1 needs 2 tell me wat is GIONG ON?!!?
I hope im not in trouble

I always wondered what you were up to out in NY and now I have a pretty good idea. It is like reading your diary. Sounds like you are having A great time and you are always having fun. I do want you to send me a t-shirt from the bar you dj at and maybe one of your mixes. That way I can sport some new NY gear out in AZ. Reading about the playboy's you used to have back in Los Al brought back great memories of sneeking into your room and " reading them". I would love to come visit you out in NY. I am sure you know some hot single women. Sorry AJ have not gotten into men but, You were always around hot girls in highschool. Hope you get this soon would love to talk with my bro again. p.s you would be proud of your bro's new girlfrien. So So Hot!!!

just wondering what "the paholski code" is supposed to mean. Its my last name.

Oh my god, I love this post - it cracked me up. Now, I also noticed that nobody commented. I think it is the whole paranoia that if you post something it will seem like you are the person who tried to find out how big it is - and it will look like you are denying it by pretending to be amused that somebody would do that.

I swear to God it wasn't me but now you're totally going to think it WAS me. And that's okay. But it really wasn't me.

But if you want to tell me how big it is, fine, go ahead.

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