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A NYC DJ who has a whole lotta things floating around upstairs... Image hosting by Photobucket


100 Bland Facts About Me:

1. My full name is Aaron Elvis James.
2. It's not my complete name.
3. I DJ as Aaron Elvis.
4. I've spun parties for Marc Jacobs (the past 6 Christmas Parties), Donatella Versace (her private New Year's Party at her NY manse), and various NY Magazines.
5. I sometimes direct plays.
6. I sometimes act.
7. I studied acting at The Atlantic Theater Co.
8. I sometimes dislike actors greatly.
9. I was born in Southern California.
10. I was born on the cusp of Gemini/Cancer (but I'm more of a Cancerian)
11. I've lived in California: Buena Park, Long Beach, Chino, Diamond Bar, Los Alamitos, Fullerton, Compton, and Studio City.
12. I have also lived in Connecticut: Wesport, Fairfield, Bridgeport, and Stamford (and a forgettable 2 months in Basking Ridge, NJ)
13. No, I'm not an army brat...just have divorced parents.
14. I've had over 49 roommates in 20 years.
15. I've lived in 12 different apartments in NYC (from the Upper East to Tribeca to the Upper West to Hell's Kitchen to the West Village to Chelsea to Harlem)
16. I did a brief stint in New Orleans (late 2001 to early 2002)
17. I currently live in a big 2 bedroom apartment.
18. I am single.
19. I adopted a dog named Madeline Ashton James (aka Maddy).  She's a Westie.
20. I would like to own a French Bulldog REAL SOON (fawn colored)
21. Sushi is my favorite food with Mexican a close second.
22. I l.o.v.e. Western Bacon Cheeseburgers from Carl's Jr.
23. I (secretly) l.o.v.e. 99-cent tacos from Jack-In-The-Box.
24. Red is my favorite color.
25. Sneakers are my downfall...I own MANY pairs.
26. Adidas is my fave shoe brand.
27. I own two pairs of black dress shoes.
28. I dig all types of music except polka.
29. My favorite sound is that of a strong, soulful woman's voice.
30. My favorite instrument is a cello.
31. The book I'm reading is "The Tender Bar" by J.H. Moehringer .
32. I'm a huge Keith Haring fan
33. There's a Haring "Angel" tattooed somewhere on my body.
34. I've had "relations" with both women and men.
35. I liked both, but preferred men.
36. Don't ask how big it is.  That's so passe.
37. I haven't owned a car since September of 1992.
38. That car was a Honda Civic. Red.
39. I finally renewed my driver's liscense in 2004 (it expired in 1994).
40. I have both a Pearl (as my phone) AND a Blackberry Curve (as my PDA).
41. I am currently working at MTV.
42. I'm a registered Democrat.
43. I detest George W. Bush. And not because I'm a Democrat -- because I'm a human.
44. I've never been pregnant.
45. I summer on Fire Island with 7 of my closest friends.
46. I have olive skin, so my tan is always golden brown.
47. I blog on an Apple Macbook.
48. I wanna get rid of my Dell desktop.
49. I'm a televisionaholic.
50. My 3 favorite Amerian Idol winners are Fantasia, Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood.
51. I sleep in a big bed and my small dog takes up half of it.
52. My roommate rocks.

**48 more soon...